We are  “Expat Service ANATOLIA”   a services manage, coordination and real estate company.


Imagine, that you go to a fully unknown country and have to deal with a very different environment from the one you are used to. We are here to give you a helping hand, to support and assist you to fulfill your objectives and make your dreams come true. We founded “Expat Service ANATOLIA” in order to welcome the guests of our country and make them feel as comfortable as they would at home.


Our cooperation makes the Power of Partnership!


We help employees of international corporations and organizations with their stay in Turkey.


We offer properties for every taste, according to the client's special needs and objectives.


We organize smooth relocations, with the best care of individuals and their families.


Our staff and partners are well experienced professionals. They are familiar with the difficulties and problems that an expat can face, when moving to another country.


You can rely on us to efficiently manage your package of services and direct you to the best possible person or company corresponding to your special needs.